Gold nanoparticles Used In Cancer Treatments

Gold nanoparticles

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Gold nano sized particles from NANCOS have been including a variety of conjugated and non-conjugated spherical gold particles and gold nanorods varying in size from 2mm – 25mm. These gold nanoparticles include those with various surface coatings such as Avidin, Dextran or streptavidin coated gold and these nanoparticles have different surface functional groups like aldehyde, amines, carboxyls, azides, etc. These are made from well controlled chemical methods to ensure their narrow size distribution.

Uses of gold nanoparticles

These gold made nanoparticles are used in chemotherapy and radio-therapy, it is also used for colliding gold in the therapeutic treatments often for cancer or arthritis. Its technology promises in the advancement of cancer treatments. Although they have many uses and it also has many wrong effects and limitations too. The absorbance of the molecules varies depending on the shape of the molecule.

There are high concentrations which may result in experiencing wrong effects in the body with respect to the cell functioning and its structure, and then lead to abnormal functioning as well.

Factors of gold nanoparticles

The two main reasons required to think of gold nanoparticle to treat the cancer cells are the heating as well as cooling content. When the product is used then it is sure that some positive effects can be noticed sooner or later. These gold nano sized particles may be used in an indirectly therapeutic way.

When lasers are used for the treatment, the negative particles get destructed automatically and the treatment of cancer can be done in the smoothest manner. There are many other methods for the experimental generation of gold particles, generally gold particles are produced in a liquid and after dissolving the solution is rapidly stirred while a reducing agent is added. So, these were the best used of gold nano size particles in treating cancer.

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