Know The Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes Applications And Uses

Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes

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Multi walled carbon nanotubes or MWNTs are the latest technology that has taken world by speed by helping many. This basically multiple single walled nanotubes joined together to form a multi walled nanotubes. So now let’s segregate the whole thing one by one in order to make it simple and understandable. The word multi walled means many walls, carbonnanotubes means very minute cylindrical tubes made up of carbon that are not visible through normal eyes.

This has many applications and uses these days and it will continue to be a very important part of a lot of things that you see around. So here below are the applications and uses of multi walled carbon nanotubes.

Multi walled carbon nanotubes applications

The applications and the uses of these multi walled nanotubes to start with this arebeing widely used in the electrical appliances for conduction of electricity. This is a very good conductor electricity and can conduct 100 more electricity than copper at the same time reduces your electricity bills as well and its way more lighter that reduces the carrying cost as well.

Then you may also know that good conductors of electricity are good conductors of heat as well. Their atomic structure allows the passage of maximum heat through the tube. So these are the two main multi walled carbon nanotubes applications and apart from that this is also super strong and is one of the hardest things found on the earth.

What about uses of multi walled carbon nanotubes?

The applications of these nanotubes are related to the uses as well. When it comes to heat then this is used inside water heaters as it gets heated very fast and as it is a conductor of heat. Then the heating attribute is also used in many chemical reactions as well where rapid increase in temperature is needed. The second major use of multi walled carbon nanotubes applications are in electricity conduction, this is way cheaper than copper and on the other hand it is also faster and more durable.

The copper wires get heated very fast hence melting the plastic cover on the wire and this is the causing of problems. The Multi walled carbon a nanotube gets heated gradually so they stay longer and do not destroy wires. Hence these are the uses of multi walled carbon nanotubes.

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