Indian Wedding Card Design: A Perfect Blend Of Tradition And Culture!

Best Indian Wedding Card Design

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In India, weddings are celebrated with excitement and fun. People gather in large numbers on this graceful occasion to shower their blessings on the couples. The preparations for the wedding starts well in advance before the actual event. They continue up to a week or even ten days based on the culture and custom of the bride and groom. The design and printing of the cards are done with utmost care since they have to be distributed among friends and relatives.

India is home to many religions and castes that include Christianity, Sikhism, Hindu, Jainism, Muslim, etc. No matter which religion you belong to, you can always find the best wedding cards online all at just the tender touch of a mouse. You can check out the various online stores that offer a plethora of wedding cards that come in various colors, patterns and designs. Many things are considered when it comes to choosing the best Indian marriage invitation design. With the advancement in technology, you can now make your own card within minutes!

Best Indian Wedding Card Design Embellishments To Make Your Card Attractive!

All the wedding cards come in different designs and patterns. To make the cards even more attractive, all you need to do is choose the best embellishments.

Stones – most of the wedding cards are designed with colorful stones that give a pleasing look to the cards. The stones vary according to the choice of the user and they range from gemstones to semi-precious stones. Cards that come with stone embellishments can be a bit expensive and you must plan well in advance to cope with the budget.

Embroidery – This is another important work of art that makes every card special! Beautiful embroidery designs in golden threadwork look like icing on a cake! It is best suited for theme weddings and royal engagements.

Indian Wedding Invitation Card Design

Indian Wedding Invitation Card Design | Image Resource :

Mirror work – Nowadays, most of the cards come with mirror work that comes as a complete surprise to the clients who hunt for the best Indian wedding card design. Beautifully designed mirrors are embellished onto the cards along with other designs to make your card look beautiful.

Ribbons – Ribbons are commonly used in designing a wedding card and they come in elegant and attractive colors such as gold, silver, bronze, pink, yellow, etc. The ribbons create a specific look for scroll and box-type cards.

Photographs – In addition to various attachments, one can also choose photographs of nature, images of gods, flowers, and more. Some people use their photographs on the invitations just to provide a personal touch to the cards.

Some Important Tips to Save Money When Choosing Indian Wedding Card Design

There are many couples who wish to purchase cards that do not cost a fortune. Cheap wedding cards have come as a blessing in disguise for those who cannot spend a lot. Researching a lot beforehand will help you pick the best Indian marriage card design of your choice within minutes. You must be careful when choosing the paper material, designs, prints and styles. All these factors must be considered in advance if you wish to save a lot of money. Minimizing the size of the card and choosing simple designs will help you in many ways to save money and effort.

To make your cards even more interesting, you can choose from different designs that include smart phone copy design, circus theme, Garden of Eden theme, origami, farm house and other related themes. You can surf the web and get all the details you need about these themes within minutes. Not only this, you can also get expert help online that comes with a 24/7 customer service option. So what more do you need? Pick the best card for your event right away at just the blink of an eye!

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