Islamic Wedding Invitations For A Dazzling Purpose

Islamic Wedding Invitations

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Marriage is the most valuable part of everyone. This is just a one day to make the final bonding but that can easily change the lives of two people for rest of their life. When the topic is marriage, it does not matter where you live, what is your religion, what your culture is and what is your class, it is just a bonding of love, a bonding of commitment for life-long. The marriage ceremony is actually a celebration of the unity of two hearts, which have lots of love for each other.

In our world, you may find many religion and many cultures people. But about the matter the tone is same. So that with the Muslim wedding, there is so many Muslim communities all over the world. The way they lead their lives is different, their languages are different, their foods are different but the way of dazzling Islamic Wedding Invitations is same for all over the world.


Importance of Islamic Wedding Invitations

Sending the invitation for a wedding is an essential part of a marriage. It is the way to asking the relatives for their valuable blessings to the bride and the groom. The celebration also needed a complete gathering, entertainment, which is incomplete without Islamic Wedding Invitations. It is also the start point of the following wedding rituals. These cards are actually known as Walima Cards, these cards are the reflection of their religious faith, a symbol of emotions. These cards are the mirror of Muslim customs and rituals.


Things to verify before choosing the Islamic Wedding Invitations

You need to very careful while you are choosing Islamic Wedding Invitations.


The style should be according to your class, and your choice. Scroll marriage invitation has a high amount of demand in this modern age. There should be specific color, design, and pattern on the card. There are three types of styles of wedding cards, the conventional, and traditional and also which is top in demand these days is the designer card. Vibrant colors and mesmerizing designs are the main part of the style.

There also the calligraphy or the handcrafted cards, these are actually the hot favorite cards of these modern days. To add more elegance to the card, you can add the ornamentations like you can use stones, gems, and Kundan.


The color portion is very important of a card. It may come according to the theme of marriage. The color also comes with the season. For summer, the color should be bright and cooler and the vibrant and warmer color for Islamic wedding Invitations, if the date of Nikah is in the winter season. There are some common colors which are used very much in the Muslim wedding cards; these are golden, red, silver, green and crème. These colors also enhance the looks of the card.

Islamic Wedding Invitations Cards

Islamic Wedding Invitations Cards | Image Resource :

Theme choice for Islamic Wedding Invitations

Theme based wedding cards are the new trends of Islamic wedding Invitations. The theme of the marriage should reflect on your wedding card.

Things to make Islamic Marriage Invitations more elegant

You can use some great tricks to make the invitation process more touchy and interesting. The invitation trend is also changed with the modern age. It is now more glorified and smarter.

Go with the digital process

Instead of sending the cards by courier or by post, you can go with the digital option. This is the safest option indeed. You can scan your Muslim wedding card, and then send it to the email addresses of your invitees. This is actually a smart choice for the trendy and smart people. By using this method you can easily avoid the money option of the courier service or the postal charge. There also the assurance of reaching the card to the right destination, on a right time. You can also send the e-cards to them. This is also an elegant choice.

Pack some gifts with the cards

Sending the Muslim Wedding Invitations cards to your relatives and friends is actually a kind request to the invitees for their blessings, so if you send some gifts, sweets, dry fruits or chocolates, with the cards, your invitations should be more acceptable to the invitees. You need to pack these properly with a dazzling packaging and decorate it beautifully.

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