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Modernism in Indian sculptures can be found in the acceptance of western art traditions in the early 20th century. There were many sculptures that were trained in the realist styles of British Schools and worked on a number of secular subjects and departed from the ancient Indian norms and traditions. 


Sculptures started to be created for catering to the demands of the upper and middle class Indians. A lot of innovation started to take place in the styles and intense realism can be seen in the art during this period.


Some of the famous artists and Modern Art Sculptures from India


The phase of modern art sculptures is depicted by the works of famous artists like DP Roy Chowdhury, Fanindranath Bose, and VP Karmarkar. Modern art Sculptures from India were heavily influenced by the dignified and monumental works of the French sculptor Rodin. It was only in the 1940s and 1950s that famous works of sculptors like ram kinker baij who used both Indian and western norms and methods to recreate in a modern context. 


The sculptors experimented a lot with materials like concrete, gravel and cement. They also experimented a lot with wood and stones and the character of solid black were retained. They also utilised a variety of techniques by mixing material theme and form.


Most of the sculptures of the era celebrated much theme and form of humanism and the work was also reminiscent of the classical styles which were prevalent in the west. Indian modern sculptures were induced by modern aesthetics and added many new and interesting dimensions. 


The experiments with materials and combination with traditional materials by using the folk and tribal sources had much of the profound effect on artistic imagination. The new and innovative methods of Indian sculptors created a totally new genre and many later sculptors continued experimenting with the style.


There are a number of online galleries which have collection of the famous sculptures by the artists like Baij, Chowdhury, Dasgupta, Davierwala, Chintamani kar, Amarnath Sehgal, Dhanraj bhagat, Meera Mukherjee, and many others. There are many collections of the sculptures by the famous artists by several art galleries in the country.


These galleries keep on enhancing their collection by acquisition of the contemporary works which are being done in the field. Many times these sculptures are also sold to the art lovers by the way of auctions. The auctions are held online and attended by art lovers from all over the world.

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