Myriad services included in modern supply chain solutions

Supply Chain Solutions
Supply Chain Solutions

Ever since the beginning of civilization, transportation has played a key role in any type of business. In the modern day scenario, supply chain management has emerged as a major area that every business needs to pay attention to. Here are some of the major services that are offered as a part of supply chain solutions by logistics companies: -


The warehouses of reputed logistics companies are a blend of modern systems and equipment. Apart from the use of latest equipment, they also have trained staff to handle day-to-day operations in an efficient manner. They use the best quality of Material Handling Equipment(MHE) such as hydraulic docking systems, organized racking systems, forklifts and electric stackers. They offer a wide range of warehousing solutions such as open yard warehouse, vendor managed inventory, C&F inventory, spare parts distribution and management, project warehouse and open yard warehouse.

Transportation services

Logistics companies, which have been in this business for over a couple of years have a large vehicle fleet using which they meet the business needs of their clients. The transport solutions offered by them includes inbound transportation, express deliveries, reverse logistics, bulk transportation, over dimensional cargo movement, last mile delivery, milk-run, domestic long haul transportation by road and rail etc.

They also offer a number of value-added services such as freight optimization, customized packaging, cross docking, Just In Time supply chain, route optimization and specialized vehicles design as a part of their transportation services.

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