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Art lovers most of the times are not very clear about prints. Many a time it is possible that you might be looking at a wall hanging and wondering that what it actually is. Prints are basically different than paintings or drawings. 


It is important to notice that whether a work of art has been produced by hand using colours, ink, charcoal etc. by a painter or the artist has used mechanical tools to produce it. Prints are work of art produced by an artist by means of printing press. By no means does this mean that prints are not original and valuable as compared to paintings. A print maker produces any print using his own unique style and technique but with the help of machines.

Vintage Prints


Types of Vintage Prints


Print making has evolved over time like all other forms of art. there are several online galleries as well as bricks and mortar vintage art museums that house some of the most valuable and rare vintage print items. It is very difficult to own a vintage print due to their high monetary value and rarity. Moreover the condition of the prints is also a deciding factor in estimating its value. 


Prints are definitely replicable but what is important to find out is that how many copies of a particular vintage art print exist. Vintage prints are valuable as they were printed in limited editions and hence only a few of them are available. The prints which are replicated in large volumes are certainly of less interest to collectors. Prints differ from paintings and hand- made drawings in a sense that each painting is unique and there is just one original piece available.


Many a time it can be quite a daunting task to find out the authenticity of a classic print item. Vintage prints hence come with certification by sellers and the rarer the print the more is it priced. As compared to vintage paintings prints are less expensive but certainly these are not easily affordable by all. There are various types of print making. For instance a number of mediums can be used as a base for print making. This visual art is produced on paper, canvas, cloth, wood and leaves even.


Some of the most prominent styles of print making are woodcut prints, linocut prints, etching, engraving, monotype prints, lithography prints, screen prints, the modern day digital prints and the transfer prints.  

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