Copper Nanoparticles- Showing Great Potential In Various Areas

Copper Nanoparticles

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There are numerous fields of engineering and technology where the nano materials are being used. One of the amazing or unusual aspects of the nano particles are that their properties vary from bulk materials having the identical composition. So, copper in bulk amount and the nano particles of copper would behave in a different way. Moreover, the properties of these nano particles can be modified easily by changing their shape, size, as well as chemical environment.

Basically, copper falls in the D block of the periodic table, and it is known for two main reasons. First of all, copper is highly ductile in nature; secondly, the electrical conductivity is also quite impressive. Talking about the morphology of the nano particles of copper, they are round in shape, and the color they exhibit is either black or brown. Copper nanoparticles are available in powdered form.

Deeper look into copper nanoparticles properties

Since the powder of copper nano particles is quite soft in nature, for this reason it is often blended with other strong metals to create wide range of alloys. One such alloy is brass, made from the combination of copper and zinc. As a matter of fact, the nano particles of copper are labeled as highly flammable solids. For this reason, it is absolutely essential to store the nano particles of copper in a safe way; away from any kind of source of ignition. In addition, the toxicity of copper nano particles is quite dangerous for the aquatic life.

Talking about the chemical, physical, and thermal properties of these nano particles, they can be summed up as:

Cu is the chemical symbol of copper; with electronic configuration as [Ar} 3d10 4S1.

It is placed on the 11th group in the table.

The metric and imperial density of copper nanoparticles is 8.94 gram per centimeter cube and 0.00032 pound per inch cube.

63.55 gram per mol is the molar mass of these nano particles.

The nano particles of copper melts at 1083 deg C (metric) and 1981.4 deg F (imperial)

The boiling point of these nano particles are 2567 deg C (metric) and 4652.6 deg F (imperial)

Now, let us talk about the manufacturing process of copper nano particles. There are numerous methods available for the same. Among the different methods available, the procedure of electro deposition is considered as the most suitable one. Plus, it is also the easiest among all. In this method, a solution of acidified aqueous nature is produced by mixing copper sulfate with certain additives. The same solution is used as the electrolyte.

When the input Direct Current voltage is mixed with an unvarying current then a spongy layer of Cu particles gets deposited on the surface of the cathode. To assess the particles, UV-Vis and XRD are used. The characterization of surface morphology is carried out through the process of SEM (scanning electron microscopy) and TEM (transmission electron microscopy).

Copper nanoparticles applications

As a matter of fact, the nanoparticles of copper posses the ability to perform the role of an anti-microbial, anti-fungal, as well as an anti-biotic agent. Hence, they can be added to coatings, textiles, and plastics. Diet supplements containing copper nanoparticles can be effective in making delivery easier. EMI shielding is another major application of these nanoparticles.

When it comes to the synthesis of glycol and methanol then these nanoparticles can be quite effective as catalysts. In printing technology, the use of copper based nanoparticles can be very much useful, mainly due to their highly conductive nature. In addition, imaging, electrical, and magnetic applications of these nanoparticles are also quite commendable.

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