Silver Nanowires Now To Be Used For Fuel Cells

Silver Nanowires

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Fuel cells are now often being considered for mainstream commercial applications, such as automotives. However, even after decades, they have not been drilled, except for space applications.

The main reason for this is the cost of manufacturing for an effective battery to be used in place of oil in cars is too much. Indeed, today the best known catalyst for chemical reactions between oxygen and hydrogen to the base of operation of most fuel cells is Silver. But its price is a major obstacle.

The nanowires are long enough to be kept together without particular medium and can easily be used for the electrodes of fuel cells. By method of electro-rotation (method used to create long and very fine fibres), these nanowires that are thousands of times longer than any nanowires were created. Silver nanowires are used as the catalyst on the electrodes of the batteries, the idea being that the surface of active catalyst on the carbon electrodes is significantly increased, allowing a greater effectiveness.

There are two problems associated with the use of Silver nanowires. First, during the deposition process of the nanoparticles by surface diffusion on the electrodes, they can form clumps which reduce the active area.

The second problem is that the nanoparticles cannot be hold in place by themselves, and therefore they must be attached to the electrodes, which is difficult with the carbon electrodes. Some nanoparticles are lost because they are not sufficiently well hung. These two problems are solved through the use of these long nanowires.

Why Silver nanoparticles were not used before?

Silver nanowires are very hard to manufacture. The parameters affecting the morphology are complex. And when they are not sufficiently long, they behave as nanoparticles. One of the key challenges that researchers have to overcome is to reduce the formation of grains along the nanowires. If the nanowires are not well finished, they look more like a string of beads to a smooth wire and can break easily.

Moreover, considering the price of platinum, it is important not to lose nanowires during fabrication of the stack. The team objective is to produce nanowires with even fewer defects and even longer. So researchers can manufacture a fuel cell to demonstrate the effectiveness of this new catalyst.

Today, the continuous improvement of methods for the production and characterization of nanoparticles allow us to better understand and use nanotechnology. With regard to the optical properties, the incorporation of nano-silver and metal nanoparticles other transparent materials can be tuned to create optical filters which operate on the basis of the absorption of the nanoparticles.

Where to purchase silver nanoparticles online?

You can purchase silver nanowires online from several companies. In today’s world everything and anything can be purchased. Before you buy silver nanowires, you need to understand your requirement and quality of nano wires available in the market. Also, customer’s reviews associated with a certain product will help you to judge better. So, this will aid in making the right decision.

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