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Many a time ancient or antique paintings are used as synonymous to vintage paintings or vintage art. It is altogether a prevailing misnomer. To understand the distinction between primordial paintings and vintage paintings one needs to go deep into the origin of the word “vintage”.

Any form of art or paintings that represent the distinctive and most prominent features of an era qualifies the criteria of being referred as vintage. It is also widely accepted that any painting less than 20 years age cannot be called as vintage paintings.

Retro Art versus Vintage Art

The term retro has been derived from French, which refers to “looking to the past”. The word retrospective was used widely to refer to French art and fashion from 1950s to 1980s. Retro hence refers to some art or fashion of the past. Later, the term disseminated to America, as well as Asia.

In contrast to this any painting or art form of the past cannot be referred to as vintage. The vintage paintings are those which are symbolical of a particular era. By looking at a vintage piece of art one should be able to tell from which period of time it belongs.

The vintage art beholds the unique and most prominent ideas or concepts of a particular era. There is also a concept of modern vintage paintings that have caught pace in recent times. The famous young Canadian artist Andrea Laliberte is well-known for her vintage style.

Many theme-based restaurants or lounges also use modern vintage posters and paintings to give it an epoch look. The term vintage derived from the process of wine making shows the time period in which a painting is made. The vintage paintings are also used extensively as home decors and collectors of classic art have a high willingness to pay for such collectibles.

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