What Indian Wedding Stationary You Should Know About?

sumptuous Indian wedding Stationary
Sumptuous Indian wedding Stationary | Image Resource : invitationcrush.com

With the change of time, rituals and customs have changed as well. Previously, guests would just receive the invitation cards and wait in anticipation for the detailed events of the special occasion.

But now those days are gone and these days guests receive every detail of the marriage ceremony before hand. This not only gives a clear idea of the celebration but also gives them a chance to indulge in a better way. So, to make these successful, you need to make use of sumptuous Indian wedding Stationary.

Few ideas for Indian wedding Stationary

Wedding Invitation – This is the center piece of any wedding. It not only invites the guests to shower their blessings but also gives them the information about date, venue and time of your wedding. So, they can book their calendar and enjoy the wedding in a better way. Also, it contains the name of bride and the groom with family details. These days many prefer scroll type as it is the emerging trend.

Reception Card – Reception card is one of the Indian weddings Stationary sent also with the main card. This is mainly for special people who are invited to post marriage party with the date and time. The guests may be different from those who were present during marriages. Families, friends and relative residing at a different place are specially given a reception card.

Reply Card – Reply Card is sent to confirm the number of guests for the marriage. This will help in deciding the menu and other special preparedness for the marriage.

Wedding Program Booklet – This comprises of all the functions pre and post marriage. If the wedding is from a North India, you will have different celebrations like Mehndi, Sangeet, and Cocktail Party etc. So, the guests get to know all the dates and be a part of it if they are free on those dates.

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