Gold nanoparticles Used In Cancer Treatments

Gold nanoparticles

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Gold nano sized particles from NANCOS have been including a variety of conjugated and non-conjugated spherical gold particles and gold nanorods varying in size from 2mm – 25mm. These gold nanoparticles include those with various surface coatings such as Avidin, Dextran or streptavidin coated gold and these nanoparticles have different surface functional groups like aldehyde, amines, carboxyls, azides, etc. These are made from well controlled chemical methods to ensure their narrow size distribution.

Uses of gold nanoparticles

These gold made nanoparticles are used in chemotherapy and radio-therapy, it is also used for colliding gold in the therapeutic treatments often for cancer or arthritis. Its technology promises in the advancement of cancer treatments. Although they have many uses and it also has many wrong effects and limitations too. The absorbance of the molecules varies depending on the shape of the molecule.

There are high concentrations which may result in experiencing wrong effects in the body with respect to the cell functioning and its structure, and then lead to abnormal functioning as well.

Factors of gold nanoparticles

The two main reasons required to think of gold nanoparticle to treat the cancer cells are the heating as well as cooling content. When the product is used then it is sure that some positive effects can be noticed sooner or later. These gold nano sized particles may be used in an indirectly therapeutic way.

When lasers are used for the treatment, the negative particles get destructed automatically and the treatment of cancer can be done in the smoothest manner. There are many other methods for the experimental generation of gold particles, generally gold particles are produced in a liquid and after dissolving the solution is rapidly stirred while a reducing agent is added. So, these were the best used of gold nano size particles in treating cancer.


How To Find Iron Oxide Powder For Sale?

Iron Oxide Powder

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The iron oxide is an inorganic compound which is formed by the combination of iron with three main oxides. This oxide is regarded to be a major source of iron for steel industries, where its ferromagnetic properties, composition and dark red color are of immense importance. This compound is usually obtained in the form of polymorphs in an octahedral coordinating geometry. The structure typically comprises of α and γ bonds, with Fe at the centre surrounded by six ligands of oxygen.

In recent years, there are several developments that have occurred which have resulted into the production of nano-scale iron oxide powders. These powders are supermagnetic in nature and have found their usage in an array of fields including bio-medicine, electronics, optical and mechanical sectors. With this people are often in the lookout for iron oxide powder for sale to confront the real power of these nanopowders.


3 Steps To Discover The Best Iron Oxide Powders For Sale

Despite of being one of the best selling nanoproducts, these powders are pretty expensive. However, you can grab them at a reasonable value by exploring the best particles available on sale. For doing so there are three steps that you need to follow and they are

Identify A Credible Store: The first and perhaps the most important thing to identify a reliable store near you. To do this you can seek help from recommendations by friends or even take advice from the experts. While choosing the right store do make sure whether they come up with seasonal sales or rebates on their products, especially those with iron oxide powders.

Remain Vigilant: Discovering only one store and then waiting for the iron oxide powder for sale to arrive is probably the biggest mistake which must be avoided. Instead, shortlist more than one store and remain vigilant about their upcoming sale or seasonal discounts.

Make Your Move: When you buy iron oxide powder for sale online then you will realize that they run sold out even before you know it. Therefore, the moment you come across the best products purchase them at once to make the most of it.


Reasons To Buy Iron Oxide Powder For Sale

Besides being affordable, the iron oxide powders available on sale can help you witness the wonderful properties that they hold and how useful it can be for the development sectors, particularly the one with which you are associated.


Some Important Facts About Nanorods And The Way To Buy It


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Nanotechnology is nothing but the engineering of some functional systems at a molecular scale. The advantage of nanotechnology is that this technology is extremely advanced and people are using those technologies these days, and they are getting high performance and time required is very less. That is the reason nanotechnology has so much demand in the market. Nanorod is one of them, and it is very much advanced than many other nanotech products. In the market, you can easily get the ZnO nanorod, or you can say zinc oxide nanorod and gold nanorods.

Morphologically nanorods are nano state object and nanorods are one directional structure. In these nanorods, you will get a directed path for electrical transmission. By using the quantum size effect and by varying the radius of the rods it can change the bandgap. The dimension range of these nanorods are 1-100nm, and the best part is these nanoparticles are the synthesised from of semiconductor materials or metals. By direct chemical synthesis, you can create nanorod, and in this process, the nano rods are produced, and their aspect ratio lies between 3-5. You can use ligands to give the nanorod a perfect shape. You can give it different shapes by changing the bonds of control agent ligands.

The difference between nano rods, nanotubes, nanowires

It is very difficult to differentiate the nanoparticles because they are very small in size and people cannot see the nanoparticles in naked eyes. Scanning electron microscope or you can also see those particles by using transmission electron microscopy you can take the pictures and you can then see those particles, and you can distinguish between them because the diameter of nanoparticles is 0-100nm and it is a 0D structure.

Nanowires: The speciality about the nanowires is that this nanowire is a 1D particle with very small diameter. The length to diameter ratio of nanowires is 1000. It is advanced, and it gives enhanced output than other outputs.

Buy Nanorods

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Nanorods are also very useful in our life, and that is why people have a huge demand of nanorods. The nanorods are also a 1D particle, and the aspect ration is between 3-5, and the best part is their dimension range is 0-100 nm that is why they are very good at their work.


Nanotubes are nothing but nanometer scale tube light structure, and the best part is their aspect ratio is same. However, these are not nanowires because nanotubes are entirely hollow. You can get both single walled and double walled nano rods from the market.

So these products are extremely reliable, and you should try to buy nano rods because these are reliable and time-consuming and these particles help to enhance every job.

From where to buy nano rods

As there is a huge demand of nanorods these days. So as a result, you can buy nano rods from the stores because in the stores these products are available and you can also buy these products from online shopping websites.


Know The Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes Applications And Uses

Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes

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Multi walled carbon nanotubes or MWNTs are the latest technology that has taken world by speed by helping many. This basically multiple single walled nanotubes joined together to form a multi walled nanotubes. So now let’s segregate the whole thing one by one in order to make it simple and understandable. The word multi walled means many walls, carbonnanotubes means very minute cylindrical tubes made up of carbon that are not visible through normal eyes.

This has many applications and uses these days and it will continue to be a very important part of a lot of things that you see around. So here below are the applications and uses of multi walled carbon nanotubes.

Multi walled carbon nanotubes applications

The applications and the uses of these multi walled nanotubes to start with this arebeing widely used in the electrical appliances for conduction of electricity. This is a very good conductor electricity and can conduct 100 more electricity than copper at the same time reduces your electricity bills as well and its way more lighter that reduces the carrying cost as well.

Then you may also know that good conductors of electricity are good conductors of heat as well. Their atomic structure allows the passage of maximum heat through the tube. So these are the two main multi walled carbon nanotubes applications and apart from that this is also super strong and is one of the hardest things found on the earth.

What about uses of multi walled carbon nanotubes?

The applications of these nanotubes are related to the uses as well. When it comes to heat then this is used inside water heaters as it gets heated very fast and as it is a conductor of heat. Then the heating attribute is also used in many chemical reactions as well where rapid increase in temperature is needed. The second major use of multi walled carbon nanotubes applications are in electricity conduction, this is way cheaper than copper and on the other hand it is also faster and more durable.

The copper wires get heated very fast hence melting the plastic cover on the wire and this is the causing of problems. The Multi walled carbon a nanotube gets heated gradually so they stay longer and do not destroy wires. Hence these are the uses of multi walled carbon nanotubes.


Hindu Wedding Invitation: Elegant To Look And Affordable To Purchase

Customized Indian wedding cards

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Hosting a wedding can be a daunting task for anyone. It takes months of planning to get everything done on time. Right from designing the invitation cards to decorating the venues, there are many preparations to be done beforehand. Families and friends take responsibilities and handle all the tasks to help the bride and groom. When it comes to wedding cards, it is a must to choose the best one for the wedding.

An invitation is the first formal announcement of the wedding and hence it has to be perfect. Hindu weddings in particular are carried out in a very traditional and elegant manner. The functions will last for three days or more than a week depending on the region. Whatever maybe the case, you can get the best card online if you do proper research.

Some Elements to Consider When Choosing a Hindu Wedding Invitation

Most of the couples opt for traditional cards whereas others opt for trendy ones that come with vibrant colors. The traditional color used in a Hindu wedding invitation is either maroon or yellow. Red is also a sacred color that is used in most of the cards. Nowadays, couples love to go with floral designs that come in soothing colors and patterns. Finding the best design online need not be a cumbersome task if you know the trick involved.

Through proper research, you can find the best wedding invitation site within minutes. Not only this, you can also check out the cards by category and pick the best one of your choice. New arrivals are regularly updated on the sites for the sole convenience of customers. Different types of Hindu marriage card designs are available online. You can choose from traditional cards or modern cards based on the theme of your wedding.

Indian wedding cards

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Some Basic Elements That Are A Must In Every Hindu Marriage Invitation

No matter what type of invitation you opt for, there are certain elements that must be included.

Symbols: Religious icons or symbols are a must in every Hindu wedding invitation. Traditional cards come with icons of Gods and Goddesses. From Lord Balaji to Vinayagar, one can use any images of gods that are readily available online.

Scripts and wordings: Scripts play a vital role in any wedding card. The scripts are taken from the holy book and can mostly be seen in almost all the cards. You can choose the script of your choice online as most of the sites provide pre-designed templates.

Designs: Another important factor that must not be overlooked is the design of the Hindu wedding card. You can either opt for traditional designs or trendy ones. You can choose scroll designs, box designs, cloth designs, and much more! The internet also provides options where you can customize your cards according to your choice!

Colors: Last, but not the least, you must also consider the color of the card when you choose one. In the Hindu religion, the colors red, maroon, yellow, etc. are considered auspicious. The online sites provide a plethora of colorful cards for your convenience. So what more do you need? Choose the best card of your choice and impress your guests!